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Helpful hires: recruiting and retaining staff at nonprofits

BY: Jared Scot, LIBN Contributing Writer | March 28, 2024


The world of nonprofit work has always attracted people who are passionate about a common cause. On Long Island, many nonprofits exist to support needy or underserved populations, addressing a variety of social issues.

But passion alone can't pay the bills, and nonprofits often find themselves managing high employee turnover, struggling to keep their valuable staff from leaving to find more lucrative work. Several local nonprofits have responded to this problem by honing their strategies for staff recruitment and retention. 


Given the array of difficulties facing nonprofits, some on Long Island have chosen a different approach. Walter Stockton, President and CEO on the Kinexion Network, leads an organization dedicated to providing business solutions for nonprofits. As a management service organization, or MSO, Kinexion facilitates operational support for a network of seven human service agencies on Long Island. 

"The MSO model provides the back-end functions of finance, IT, HR, corporate compliance, purchasing, maintenance and logistics, significantly reducing the operational costs for all seven affiliate agencies and freeing up internal resources so they can focus on their life-changing mission," Stockton explains. "Instead of competing for staff, all seven nonprofits share the resources and benefit from a centralized administrative management system."

Still human service nonprofits frequently experience difficulty retaining staff due to high demand for direct support professionals, or DSPs, according to Stockton. "DSPs are responsible for providing important daily living support including administering medication, meal preparation or transport facilitation, as well as, attending to the comprehensive social, emotional and psychological needs," he says. 

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