Governance: Providing direction and support.

The Kinexion governance contributes to the success of our mission to stand as an operational model of excellence and sustainability, equipping our network providers with the financial strength and resources to deliver lifetime care. The role of the Boards of Directors is to:

  • Govern our affiliate providers by establishing broad goals and objectives.
  • Select, appoint, support, and review the performance of the chief executive officers.
  • Ensure the availability of adequate financial resources.
  • Approve annual budgets and strategic planning.
  • Account for the ethics, compliance, and performance of the affiliate providers.                                                               
Board of Directors


Hon. Paul Pontieri, Chairman
Mayor, Village of Patchogue


Chris McCann, Vice Chairman
President, 1-800


Dr. Joseph Morris, Secretary
Dentist, Private Practice


Brian J. Boyle, CPA, Treasurer
Essential Business Advisors                    


William W. Archer                                                                                                                                                                     


John Aicher, Esq.
Law Office of John Aicher, Esq.                                                                                     


Gary Bencivenga
Owner, Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil
Retired, Direct Marketing Consultant


Thomas K. Cullen
President & CEO, Crown Advertising Agency, Inc.


John Fallon
CEO, Orion Commodities Fund, LP                                                                                       

  Leonard Feinstein
Co-founder & Co-Chairman, Bed, Bath & Beyond                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Dr. Rena K. Ferguson


Joshua D. Gleiber
Director of Operations & Strategic Growth, Eagle Rock Properties
President, GARI Realty Advisors                                                                 


Stuart Gleiber
President, Abbot & Abbot Box Corporation                                          


Nella Hahn, LCSW
Social Worker, Private Practice                                                                               


Leah-Michelle Jefferson
Executive Director, Community Development Agency   


Thomas J. Killeen, Esq.
Principal, Thomas J. Killeen, P.C.               


Michele M. Knapp
Vice President, Island Outreach Foundation

  Donna LoDuca
VP of Accounting & HR, Dukal Corp.                                                                             


James Martinsen
Former CFO, East End Disability Associates                                            


Dr. Fredric Weinbaum
Executive VP COO/CMO, Southampton Hospital


Jay I. Zuckerman
Retired, Peconic Bay Medical Center